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How To Prepare For Your Junk Removal Appointment

Whether you're cleaning out the garage or the whole house, hiring a junk removal company can save you time. Junk removal is usually an environmentally responsible option, because your old belongings will be recycled or given a second life, except for those that are truly garbage. A little bit of preparation will help streamline the process once the removal employees arrive.

Research Companies

Most junk removal companies use a similar process. They will arrive on site to provide a quote. If you accept the quoted price, they will either pick up the junk immediately or come back for a pickup appointment. At its most basic, the service only removes your junk. There are sometimes other services available, including:

  • Clean-out services. This includes boxing and carting away everything, with no preparation required by you.
  • Hazardous waste disposal. Ask if the company handles the removal of paint, chemicals, and other household hazardous waste.
  • Construction cleanup. Some companies will haul concrete, shingles, and other construction debris after you finish your DIY remodeling project.

Prepare Your Property

You will need to prepare for the arrival of the junk service. Unless the company offers full clean-out services, you will need to box up small items. Most junk services do not remove small, loose items because it's time consuming and makes it more difficult to sort later. If you have a lot of loose items that you don't need to sort through, such as when cleaning out a large shed or storage unit, it's well worth it to pay for a full clean-out. The extra fees cover the boxes and labor involved.

When sorting your stuff to separate out the junk, shred any papers with sensitive information. Try and keep all the junk in one area to make removal quicker and easier. If you have things you need removed throughout your home or property, mark each item or pile clearly so the service employees can find the junk easily.

Separate the Hazardous Materials

Hazardous items can include, but are not limited to:

  • Paint and paint removers
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Fertilizers and plant chemicals
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Batteries
  • Car fluids, such as antifreeze and brake fluid
  • Pool and spa chemicals
  • Fluorescent bulbs

Not all junk removal companies handle these materials, so if you have a large quantity you will need to verify that your company deals in hazardous materials. Keep all hazards separate from the rest of the junk. Clearly mark them items and the box they are in to avoid any mishaps. Your removal company will need to dispose of these items separately from your other items.

After the junk is gone, you can enjoy your new, clean space. Click this link to learn about junk removal services in your area.

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