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3 Shower Remodel Ideas

Are you sick of your current shower?  If you don't like the way your shower looks, then do something about it. You can clean up the tile and replace the shower head, or you could go ahead and do a complete remodel.

Here are 4 popular shower designs that you can use as inspiration for your remodel. Some of them are simple and others are extravagant. You can scale them down to fit your budget.

So, lets get started.

Stainless Steel Shower

Are you sick of cleaning tile? Does the thought of scrubbing grout drive you mad? If so, then you will love a stainless steel shower. These look sleek and they don't stain or get mold like tile showers. You can have a stainless steel shower insert put into the same space as your old shower. The old shower tiles and backer board will be removed, and the new shower will be placed in its space. The workman will frame it so that it fits snugly.

You can even have a freestanding stainless steel shower. These are really beautiful. You can have a metal frame and glass shower enclosure added to the shower to make it really stand out.

An Open Shower Design

An open shower is a really impressive design. While they are normally featured in large, luxurious bathrooms, you can find designs that fit modest sized bathrooms.

The most important thing to consider when looking at open shower designs is that you want the room designed to be water friendly. This means that the walls should be tiled. You don't want painted drywall because it will get damp. The sink should also be marble, tile, or acrylic. You don't want a wooden sink table because of mold. 

That said, there really is nothing more impressive than a large spacious open shower. If you have the room, then you really should consider this type of remodel.

The Glass Cube Shower

These were really popular a few years back. The look is still neat. You can choose a frosty class cube that is great for privacy, or you can choose a clear cube design.

The process of installing a class cube shower is very similar to laying brick. The cubes are stacked and mortar is used to create the wall.

The great thing about the glass cube design is that you can have them built to fit your space. You can have curved walls, not just a straight wall.

For more information on shower enclosure, check out companies such as Affordable Custom Enclosures for ideas. 

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