An Introduction to Home Roofing

Combining Energy Efficient Solutions To Save Money During The Winter Months

When the temperatures drop outdoors, it can be hard to think about having to turn on the furnace or fireplace. Keeping warm can be challenging if you have more than one area of your home that's in need of being weatherproofed. Updating and installing brand new energy efficient windows can help curb utility costs throughout the year, but there are other things to consider if you want to achieve overall efficiency with your home heating costs.

Insulating Your Entire Home

If you're thinking about having new vinyl windows installed in your home, make sure your home is properly insulated first. A non-insulated or under insulated home can cause you to lose warm air very quickly—resulting in overworking your furnace and raising utility bills. There are multiple ways you can insulate your home:

  • In the attic with blanket and roll insulation
  • Foam board insulation in unfinished wall areas and ceilings
  • Loose-fill or blown-in insulation inside your home's walls
  • Foam insulation in attics, crawl spaces and gaps in construction

Combining several of these methods or incorporating more insulation to existing insulation helps improve the R-value and keeps your home as airtight as possible.

Have A Complete HVAC Inspection

Your entire heating system needs to be checked at least once a year to avoid potential problems as your furnace starts to work at maximum capacity. Ask your HVAC specialist about an energy savings check with your furnace and related components. A heating and cooling specialist will go through a series of checklists to ensure the unit is working properly. This may include:

  • Making sure the original unit has been installed properly
  • Looking for any gaps in the ductwork where air can escape
  • Testing the thermostat for accuracy
  • Installing a clean and eco-friendly furnace filter
  • Ensuring that all mechanical components are operating effectively

In addition to having your furnace checked, your HVAC specialist will likely make sure that your home's electrical system is able to support the system properly. Failure to do so could cause a surge in unneeded electrical usage.

Weatherproof Your Doors

Make sure that your doors are draft-free and closing properly. This will make your home as energy efficient as possible by preventing warm air from seeping out through door cracks and jambs. Add weatherstripping to block cold air from getting in if needed. Properly installed doors will help reduce the risk of condensation build-up on your new vinyl windows.

Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your New Windows

If installed correctly, your windows should provide the right insulation needed to keep your house warm and keep cold air at bay. Ask a professional to help with window installation. You can create a greater insulating factor by adding weatherstripping around the perimeter of the window. Custom-made window inserts fit within the window frame and provide an additional layer of insulation. They can be easily removed during the summer months or when the window is in use.

Incorporating more than one way to keep your house warm increases the overall efficiency of your heating costs. Thinking of ways to insulate now will save you money as the winter months go by. 

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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