An Introduction to Home Roofing

Why Aluminum Fencing Makes Sense

There are so many fencing products on the market today that it can get confusing trying to decide which type of fence is right for your family and your property. One of the newer products available is aluminum fencing. This type of fence combines the traditional beauty of a metal fence with easy maintenance and a more affordable price tag.

Advantages to choosing an aluminum fence

1. It's easy to take care of. Unlike wooden fencing, which needs to be repainted or re-stained every few years, or iron fencing, which can rust or corrode, aluminum fencing will look good for years without much maintenance. Aluminum fencing is made using powder coating technology, so the paint color is fused with the metal and thus won't chip or flake.

2. It lasts a long time. Many aluminum fencing manufacturers offer lifetime warranties. This compares to an average lifespan of just 20 years for a wooden fence

3. It enhances your property's security. An aluminum fence can also help keep your family and your property safe. This type of fencing can't be easily cut with a bolt cutter like a chain link fence or easily scaled like a wooden fence. You can even add an extra bit of security by topping each fence post with a spear-like finial. It's both decorative and discouraging to potential burglars.

4. It looks good. Aluminum fencing gives your property a crisp, uniform look that will add to your home's curb appeal, making your home more inviting for visitors and guests and more enticing to potential home buyers when it comes time to put your house on the market.

5. It's affordable. While it offers a similar look, aluminum fencing is much less expensive than traditional wrought iron. Iron fencing is created by hand, a much more time consuming task than manufacturing aluminum panels, and is thus more expensive.

6. It's versatile. Aluminum fencing looks good with most any type of design or architecture. This type of fencing also comes in a variety of colors, from black to gray to hunter green. Aluminum fencing is rackable. That means that panels can be adjusted to fit a sloping yard, avoiding the big gaps that you'd get with materials like wrought iron.

While an aluminum fence is not necessarily the right choice for every family and every homeowner, this type of fencing merits consideration. It's affordable, easy to maintain and will last for years to come. For more information, contact Town & Country Fence or a similar company.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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