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Three Ways Owning An Air Compressor Can Expand Your Contracting Business

As a freelance general contractor, you probably handle most jobs that get thrown your way. This means you could be building a deck one day and sandblasting a driveway, or garage, the next.  For some of these projects basic carpentry and contracting tools will do. You can even get away with renting larger equipment as needed, but there is one piece that you should consider as a staple of your tool kit if you want to expand your business. Here are three ways that owning an air compressor, as part of your tool kit, can expand your contracting business.

Expanding Your Business Options

Listing yourself as a general contractor may seem like a good option, but it can actually limit you through slower times of the year. When homeowners see a general contractor listing they may believe that you don't have the equipment you need to handle their tasks. If you own an air compressor, you can list the ability to handle a wide range of jobs from sandblasting to power washing. You can also expand your business options to handle small filler work from larger companies that just need someone to fill in at the end of a project for final touches and clean up.

Offering Finishing Work

Some larger companies and do-it-yourself project enthusiasts may finish a project, but they need final touches done. A common final touch is sanding and smoothing rooms as well as outdoor areas like decks and patios. Having an air compressor means that you can use tools such as abrasion blasters, sand blasters, and sanding machines. This is an ideal business expansion if you find yourself with several days between jobs and you need something to fill the gap.

Repair and Salvage Options

When you have your own air compressor, you will start to understand how to maintain it and how to fix it when certain problems arise. Not everyone will know these tips and tricks. This makes your knowledge a possible income stream. For example, if you find someone wanting to sell or get rid of a piece of machinery that has a faulty air compressor, you can buy it or take it off their hands. Once you have it, you can troubleshoot it, fix it, and resell it for much more than your initial investment. This is an ideal option if you need a backup income.

These are just three ways owning an air compressor can expand your contracting business. Air compressors are available from most machinery and equipment stores, but they do come in a variety of options. For more information, contact Compressed Air Systems or a similar company.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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