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Galvanic Corrosion Is Just As Bad As It Sounds For Your Home's Gutters

Are you thinking about getting galvanized metal gutters for your home because you want a back-to-basics look? If you are, be absolutely sure that there are no copper items touching the metal gutters. When certain types of metal touch each other, they set the stage for a lot of corrosion. Copper and galvanized metal are a combination you do not want to see unless there is some sort of insulating material between them.

Galvanic Corrosion

At play is something called galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals. When combined, the two metals cause a chemical reaction that destroys the integrity of the gutter. The corrosion won't be immediate; it's not like you're going to see your gutters suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke. But you will see more corrosion that can destroy the gutters prematurely. If you have any copper piping or decorations on your home, move them away from the gutters. If you can't move them away for whatever reason, talk to gutter repair companies like Alaska Streamline Gutters about coatings and barriers that you can apply to the galvanized gutters.

Remember that the point of having gutters is to prevent water from rolling right off the roof and onto walkways or plants. If the gutters develop corrosion, holes can form and allow water to flood paths, plants and even homes. If the corrosion happens near, or spreads to, a connecting point on the house, then the gutter could collapse.

Inspections Before and After Installation

When you start looking at gutter styles and materials, have the installation company that you choose to work with inspect the entire path where the gutters and downspouts will go. They need to look for nails, bolts, trim, anything that could be copper.

Once the gutters are installed, have a gutter repair company, or the installation company that you used, inspect the gutters carefully for corrosion on a regular basis. If there's no copper touching the galvanized metal, the chances of corrosion will be greatly reduced. But you do need to be sure that coatings haven't started to flake or peel. There's also the risk, even for very good-quality coatings, that they could get scratched, thus exposing the metal.

If you want more information on how to prevent corrosion from ruining your gutters, contact a gutter repair company now. Don't wait until the next rainstorm to see whether your gutter installation ended up near anything made from copper.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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