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What Types of Commercial Doors Are Available?

Businesses can spend a lot of time going for the right look. And what is one of the first things that a customer or partner sees upon entry? The door. That is why there are so many options available for commercial doors.

It all comes down to what you want the door to do. Is it a security door? A soundproofing door? A decorative door to make a statement? Depending upon your answer, you can narrow down your options.

Metal Doors

Metal doors can be functional or decorative. If a metal door is just supposed to keep things inside safe or protect the contents of a room or building from intense heat or fire, then there are different grades of commercial doors to handle those requirements. For example, you can find doors that:

  • Provide fire protection up to several hundred degrees from minutes to hours
  • Provide energy efficient doors to help seal and retain building air conditioning or heating
  • Provide security from burglary or vandalism, or even bullets

Metal doors can also be customized for the right look and feel. You can get custom frames to provide a different look while providing security or efficiency. Many options exist, such as:

  • Decorative molding
  • Shadow box profile
  • Painted or colored framing

Obviously, some compromises have to occur. If the door has to be for security, it is unlikely to have large windows to look through.

Wood Doors

Wood doors can be solid wood or wrapped around a composite core. Wood doors provide a lot of styling variety. Most of the time, wood doors are only used for interior spaces, since they are not made to withstand heavy commercial usage  

On the plus side, wood does provide that luxurious and polished feel for interior spaces. Wood doors can be decorative and ornate to really make a statement or strictly functional. In today's office environments, wood doors with composite cores can be quickly attached to modular offices and moved as necessary.

Glass Doors

With glass doors, the application is almost always decorative and inside a building. Glass doors help to make a statement. Glass doors are made from safety glass to resist shattering and reduce the risk of injury if a glass door does break. Glass doors can be single panes or sliding glass doors.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors can provide a modern look. Many aluminum doors are left as-is, not painted, since the metal holds up well over time. Aluminum doors also often come with large windows for letting in natural light. Aluminum doors can be anywhere from single doors to wide stile entrances, with double or even multiple doors.

Fiberglass Doors

With fiberglass doors, the decision often comes down to how long the doors need to last. Fiberglass doors have some of the longest life of any commercial doors. Fiberglass doors offer additional benefits. Fiberglass doors:

  • Don't peel
  • Resist scratching
  • Don't warp
  • Withstand environmental changes

So with all of these different options, there are many ways to satisfy your business needs. It is just a matter of choosing the right style once you choose the type of door. For more information, contact Callahan Door and Window.

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