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What You Should Know About Hydroseeding Before You Sell Your Home

If you've been toying with the idea of selling your home, one element that you cannot overlook is the condition of your lawn. Ignoring a dying, bare or thin lawn until the last minute can leave you scrambling for a way to increase your curb appeal with few options available. Hydroseeding is a great way to fill things in, but only if you plan several months ahead. You'll want to apply it in the early spring for the best results. Here are some guidelines to help you get the yard ready before hydroseeding.

Make it Weed-Free

Hydroseeding requires soil that is free of any weeds, even down to the roots. Any existing weeds may suffocate your new grass seed and prevent it from rooting the way that it should. To ensure a good environment for the seed, use a tiller to break up soil in your yard so that you can treat it with an herbicide. This will eliminate any hidden weeds that could pose a threat.

Do this well in advance of the actual seed application. Most herbicide products will continue working for several days after application. The package should tell you how long your chosen product stays effective. Don't apply your grass seed until after the herbicide has been rendered inactive, or else it will kill the grass too.

Clean Out Debris

Breaking up the soil typically churns up some rocks, twigs and other debris in the yard. You'll want to clear all of those out to create a clean environment for the seed. Filter several inches of the soil to ensure that there's nothing there to interfere with the grass seed's rooting process.

If you're concerned about your soil quality or the amount of debris in the soil, you can always spread clean, fresh topsoil across the entire surface of the yard. A thick, even layer of topsoil that's several inches thick creates an ideal environment for the seed to thrive.

Rake the surface of your yard to ensure that the whole area is smooth and even, and use a roller to compact it lightly. This builds the ideal foundation for the grass seed to settle into.

Prepare for Routine Watering

Hydroseed requires frequent applications of water to keep it all moist during the germination process. Consider installing an irrigation system to provide some slow, consistent watering during this cycle. Otherwise, be prepared to water the whole yard frequently over the first several weeks of the growth process.

When you're looking for a way to create a flawless, fully-covered lawn, hydroseeding is a great option. Just remember to plan in advance so that your yard is lush and green before you put it on the market. This will increase the curb appeal and may help you sell faster.

For more information, contact Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc. or a similar company.

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