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4 Dramatic Landscape Curbing Materials

Curbing is an important part of a landscape. Not only does it create clean lines and delineate spaces, but it also aids in proper drainage. If you're a landscaper who is just starting out, providing your customers with different landscape curbing options is a great idea. The more options you offer, the more clients you'll appeal to.

There are several traditional curbing materials that are used in landscaping, including rail road ties and bricks; however, if you want to offer some unique options, try these curbing options, too.

Wood Logs

Rail road ties are attractive and effective, but they're kind of expected. In addition to offering this traditional type of landscape edging, offer wood logs as an option. You can create a boarder with chopped wood logs (yes, the type that could be used for firewood). To create the boarder, simply stand the logs up side-by-side vertically around the portion of the landscape you are curbing.


Bricks are a wonderful curbing material option; but if you want to offer something a little less traditional, then offer flagstone, too. You can create a beautifully curved or straight curb around a garden bed or a walkway by using stones in alternating shapes and sizes. To add even more interest, use stones in a variety of colors.

River Rock

The pebble curb is always a great standby and it is very attractive; however, it's been seen a million times before. For clients who are interested in using rocks, but want something a little more out-of-the-ordinary, try using river rocks.

To make a river rock curb really spectacular, choose larger stones over pebbles; and don't simply spread line them up, but instead, dig a trench at the curb site and fill it with those larger rocks, arranging them in such a fashion so that they are standing up on their sides instead of lying flat. This arrangement offers a more modern look to a traditional curbing material.


Clients who are looking for a modern, industrial look will appreciate the option of steel edging.

Thin sheets of steel can be transformed into an attention-grabbing landscape curb. Simple dig a shallow trench in the shape your clients want the curb line and place the steel sheets into the trenches so that they are laying horizontally on one of the long sides. You – and your clients – will be amazed by the dramatic look this landscape curb can create.

Traditional materials are great for creating curbing, but sometimes it's nice to think outside-of-the-box.  For more curbing options, check out a professional like Northern Asphalt LLC.

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