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Could Genetically-Engineered Moths Be The Solution To Your Gardening Problems?

Vegetable gardening can be a relaxing (and tasty) way to pass time during the summer. However, if you feel you're spending more time fighting against plant-eating worms and grubs than enjoying your garden, you may be investigating ways to control these pest populations. You may be reluctant to use pesticides or other chemicals on plants you hope to eventually eat. Fortunately, scientists have created a genetically modified strain of diamondback moth that can help eliminate the grubs that feed on your cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables. Read on to learn more about how this moth may help you end your pest problems.

What are diamondback moths?

Diamondback moths are one of the biggest threats to cruciferous vegetables. Female moths will lay their eggs on the leaves of cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants; when these eggs hatch, the young grubs have a ready-made food source. Because these moths are capable of laying up to 300 eggs at a time, a single moth can produce enough larvae to devastate multiple plants, or even an entire garden. And because these eggs are tough to spot, by the time you notice grubs crawling on your broccoli or cauliflower florets, the damage may already be done. 

How could a genetically modified moth help reduce the effect of grubs in your garden?

Scientists have recently made some modifications to a strain of diamondback moth that could decimate local populations within a single generation. These male moths contain a gene that allows them to produce only female offspring. These female grubs have a "self-destruct" mechanism that kills them before they're able to reproduce. Once these male moths are let loose to fertilize eggs, they can quickly eliminate local populations once the resulting grubs die without reproducing. 

While this isn't as much of an instant fix as spraying plants with pesticides to kill these eggs (and any hatchlings), it is much better for the environment and won't require you to wash your vegetables to remove pesticide residue. In addition, because pesticides often aren't specific with regard to their targets, they can have detrimental effects on honeybees and other helpful insects, which this solution avoids.

Although these moths won't be available for retail sale during this gardening season, once they are made widely available, they should be able to help you permanently eliminate problems with the grubs that feast on your broccoli and other crunchy vegetables. You may even be able to collaborate with your neighbors to purchase a number of modified moths to eliminate grubs throughout your community. For more information about pest control, contact companies like All Seasons Pest Control.

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