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4 Pool Deck Finish Options

The deck surrounding your pool faces constant wear and tear from heat and sun in the summer to the potential for freezing and thawing in the winter, not to mention foot traffic throughout the year. While the average concrete pool deck can last for many years due to the natural durability of concrete, the surface of the deck may suffer damage over time, resulting in ugly pitting, cracking or wear. Fortunately, as long as the base concrete remains in good condition, you can simply refinish the surface of the concrete to hide damage or create a whole new look. Refinishing also gives you the opportunity to add color, texture or other finishes to your pool deck using a variety of techniques and materials. Check out these four pool deck resurfacing options for ideas on how you can add style to your pool deck.

Simple Refinishing

If you prefer a simple look, you may want to stick with a classic gray concrete deck. In this type of refinishing, contractors simply mix a small batch of concrete with added polymers to ensure a solid bond to the existing surface. They then smooth it over the deck, creating a fresh, even finish. Depending on your preference, they may create a simple brushed finish or add a slight polish to smooth the concrete. This is the cheapest and fastest way to refinish a pool deck, and is a great way to hide stains and minor surface damage without taking on a major project.

Colored Concrete

Pool deck refinishing firms have numerous ways to color a concrete pool deck during the refinishing process. They may add pigments or dyes to the concrete before it cures, or use an acid etching technique to color the surface after it dries. This allows them to create rich colors or subtle tones, and to achieve multi-hued patterns, swirls and color gradations. Adding color can also lighten a deck to make it feel cooler underfoot, or darken it to add warmth in cooler climate zones.

Stamping and Stenciling

Refinishing also provides an opportunity to add texture and depth to your pool deck. In this technique, the installer uses a variety of stamps and stencils to press lines, shapes or designs into the freshly poured concrete before it dries. This can be used to create the look of natural stone, like slate or flagstone, or even to mimic the style of bricks or concrete pavers. Stamping and stenciling also allows for more customized designs, including a logo or crest embedded into the deck.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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