An Introduction to Home Roofing

Create A Wooden Sign To Advertise Household Items That You Are Selling

While your new home is being built, you can draw attention to the unwanted items that you are selling from your current residence by creating a wooden sign to attract the attention of people passing by your home. After you have finished designing the sign, set it up along the front of your property.


  • wooden board
  • vinyl drop cloth
  • spray paint (several colors)
  • photos of the items for sale
  • laminating sheets
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stencils
  • two-sided tape
  • acrylic craft spray
  • LED light stakes

Paint The Board And Attach Photos

Place a large, rectangular shaped board on a vinyl drop cloth. Apply a coat of light-colored paint to its surface. A light color will stand out and many people will stop to see what is on the sign when they see it. Wait a couple of hours for the paint to dry and add a second coat if any parts of the wood are not evenly covered.

Take photographs of some of the key items that you are selling and place them in between two laminating sheets. Place the photos on the adhesive side of one of the laminating sheets. Lay the second sheet on top of the photos with the adhesive side facing downwards. Press the two sheets together. 

Use scissors to trim around each photo. Apply an even layer of craft glue to the back of each photo and press them against the painted side of the board. The photos can form a straight line or be placed in random areas.

Add Lettering And Craft Spray

Use two-sided tape to attach stencils to the front of the sign that form words that indicate that you are selling items. Apply spray paint to the cut out part of each stencil. Use colors of paint that complement the white background. Wait for the paint to dry and add a second coat if you would like the letters to be bolder.

After the paint dries, carefully remove the stencils and add a coat of acrylic craft spray to the sign's surface. Craft spray will prevent moisture from penetrating the wood, causing the paint to peel off of it. It will also help hold the photos in place. Wait an hour or two for the spray to dry before touching the sign.

Set Up The Sign

Set the sign against a tree that is near the edge of your property or prop it up against a stack of cinder blocks or another sturdy item. Insert LED light sticks around the sign. During the day, people passing by will see the sign and may stop to view the items that you are selling. At night, turn on the LED lights and the sign will be visible to others who pass by.

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