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What Traffic Signals Are All About

You have to deal with traffic signals every day that you are out driving. If you drive around the same area all the time, you may even know how long the lights stay green or red. Below is some information about traffic lights you likely do not know about.

Why Do Red Lights Stay On For So Long?

When companies set up traffic lights for a town, they are coordinated with each other for a certain cycle length. What this length is depends on where the traffic lights are located. For example, red lights in a heavy traffic area may stay on longer than red lights in a low traffic area. This gives traffic more time to get through a green light so the traffic does not become congested.

Why Are Some Traffic Signals Black?

If you live in a sunny area, such as Arizona, California, or Nevada, you may see black light fixtures instead of yellow fixtures. This is mainly because black paint absorbs the sun's rays so it does not reflect back into your eyes. Yellow is highly reflective so the sun could easily get into your eyes. Lights that are painted black allows you to see the light much easier when it changes, especially during sunsets and sunrises.

Why Are Some Lights Blue

You may notice small blue lights near traffic signals in your town or in a nearby city. These lights are usually small and out of the way so drivers are not distracted by them.  In most cases, the police use these lights to help them make stoplight violations. This is because the police officer cannot keep an eye on the light and the driver at the same time. When the blue light is on, this tells the officer that the traffic light is red.

Why Are Some Red Lights Doubled?

Look at the red traffic lights as you are driving around your town, and you may notice that some of them are doubled. One reason for this is to indicate a left turn situation. Another reason why red lights are doubled is to make sure drivers can better see that the light is red.

Some traffic lights will start flashing red if the controller finds there is a problem, such as the lights displaying green when they should be red. If it is in a very low traffic area, the lights may flash yellow instead of red.

To learn more, contact a traffic engineering company like GBA INC. 

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