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When Less Is More: How To Turn Your Garage Into A Micro-Home

If you're interested in removing excess and clutter from your life, a tiny home might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The tiny, or micro, home movement advocates living the simple life – distilling needs and wants to the bare minimum to experience a new way of life. If this appeals to you, it may still be difficult to make the transition.

So why not begin on your own property? Most homes have a garage that may be ideal for turning into a micro-home. Whether attached or detached, such a tiny home conversion can help you to see that less can sometimes be more.

So, how can you design a tiny – but inviting -- home in your own garage?

Bring in Light

Garages tend to have little natural lighting, which can make the area feel dark, industrial or cold as a home. Open up the space with added windows, a skylight or even glass overhead door panels. Carriage-style garage doors help get rid of the industrial feel of a garage and allow you to throw open one or both doors to make use of an outdoor seating area or small patio in good weather. Another great way to bring in natural sunlight is by replacing the garage door with a large bay window. A bay window not only adds sunlight but also adds usable space.

Design Multi-Use Furniture

Nearly all furniture brought into a micro-home should serve more than one purpose. A table covered with a decorative tablecloth can hide storage bins or baskets below. A bed can cleverly convert into a sofa for daytime use or can be raised to provide storage underneath. Try folding chair and table sets that can be stored when not in use or tall bookshelves which can double as room dividers. When purchasing or designing furniture for your micro-home, be sure to maximize the potential uses for each square foot of furnishings you add.

Go Vertical

One advantage the garage often has is height. Make use of all the available space when designing your micro-home. One way is to add a loft for sleeping. If you are already adding a bathroom to the micro-home, you can easily design a loft to make use of the space above the bath and save money on the framing. Thinking vertically will also help add storage space. And avoiding a drop ceiling allows for a more airy feel to the whole home, especially if you utilize a light or neutral color palette.

By following these tips, you can begin creating a functional and enjoyable micro-home right in your garage. As you work on the project, you will undoubtedly find more ways to make the space fun and personal. And you may find a new lease on life in doing so.  

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