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How To Make Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Affordable: Tips And Tricks

Kitchen remodeling projects are some of the biggest home projects to tackle. If you or your contractor do a fantastic job, it can seriously increase your home's resale value. However, it can also be a very expensive job, and one which not many homeowners can take on all at once (unless they win the lottery or have a humongous tax refund). If you still want to tackle a kitchen remodel, here are some tips and tricks that can make it more affordable.

Work on a Section at a Time

Maybe you only have a big enough budget right now to handle two areas of the kitchen, or maybe you can only afford to replace the cabinets that are on the lower half of the walls. Whatever it is that you can afford, you can work on a single section at a time until the kitchen remodel is complete. It helps to formulate a plan that puts different parts of the kitchen in ranking priority (e.g., appliances, cupboards and granite countertops, sink(s), etc.). Then you do not feel overwhelmed or compelled to borrow extra money to complete your entire kitchen all at once.

Purchase Items from Remodeling and Building Closeout Stores

There are home remodeling stores that focus on closeout models of everything from cabinets to toilets. Most of the items sold in these stores are fairly new; rarely is anything older than a year or two. The supplies and remodeling items are often floor models that did not sell or were leftovers when newer inventory arrived in stock. The closeout stores purchase these items from larger home remodeling chains and then sell them at discounted prices to construction contractors and DIY homeowners. You may be able to find something for your kitchen that you really like at a price that really fits your budget.

Do as Much of the Work as You Can by Yourself

Construction labor is often the biggest part of kitchen remodeling costs. If you do most of the work yourself, you can save a lot of money before you bring in a contractor to finish the job. For example, you can turn your water off and disconnect your sink's plumbing before using a paint scraper to remove the sealant and loosen the sink from the counter top. You can also demolish old cabinets and cupboards with a sledgehammer, or if you prefer, find where they are screwed into the wall and each other, remove the screws and then remove the cabinets. (Do not worry about paint and plaster issues because you or the contractor can fix these easily.) You may even find that doing a lot of the labor is very rewarding and the sweat equity you build up in your home is not a bad idea either.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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