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Reasons Your Carpet Is Discolored

Carpeting is a luxury in your home that gives you comfort from the cold floors and adds to the home's décor. Installing carpet is a significant expense, so keeping it in good condition should be a priority. However, the carpet areas may become discolored for various reasons. You may want to explore and discover what has caused the problem. Chemicals and wear are two of the culprits. You can take steps to minimize the stains and possibly prevent further stains in the carpet.

Gray Shades

High traffic areas tend to display a graying from abrasion and soiling. This is normal in any home and can be minimized with the use of a carpet runner. You may also need to vacuum frequently to prevent the discoloration from ground in dirt and debris being ground into the carpet. Try using carpet cleaning solvents made for these areas to help reduce the coloring and rejuvenate the carpeting back to its original color.

Black Shades

Filtration soiling is a common problem and can be caused by fireplace ash, cigarette smoke, candles, and cooking oils. These pollutants become trapped in the carpet, especially around the edge of a room. It comes from the failure to clean around the edges of the baseboards frequently. It doesn't mean you are a bad housekeeper, but it is a common oversight.

Yellow and Brown Shades

Areas located in rooms without natural lighting such as a basement may have a yellowish tint. This may be because of BHT in carpeting adhesives or carpet pads. The low light accompanied with moisture may change to gas. Yellowing may also occur under furniture that has a skirt, mats or runners, and any area rugs placed on top of the carpet.

Try spraying a citric acid solution over the affected area and brush the solution into the carpet fibers to eliminate the yellow or brown tinting.

Bleached Areas

Several problems are the culprit for bleaching in the carpet fibers, including fertilizer and ice-melting chemicals. When these products are tracked into the home, the chemicals will cause the areas affected to have a bleached surface. However, these areas may not be noticed until the carpet is professionally cleaned. The best way to prevent this pigment change is to keep the carpets clean.

It may take a little extra time to clean the carpet frequently, but the time spent could prevent carpet replacement. Chemicals can be tracked into the home and cause damage that may not be observed immediately. As a homeowner, you have to be diligent to prevent these damages. After all, you have better things to spend money on instead of replacing the expensive carpeting when these damages occur.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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