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Guaranteeing Safety With Knowledge And Proactivity - Inspecting Your Industrial Pallet Racks

A busy warehouse environment is full of hustle and bustle and can be a sign of a thriving company, but it can also be an environment where danger lurks around nearly every corner. Even the simplest and most standard parts of a warehouse can pose some risk to the employees there, and a perfect example is the danger that may surround your industrial pallet rack.

Keeping your merchandise neat and orderly and always having a pallet at the ready is an important setup, but the racks on which they're stored may be at risk of giving way and causing a serious incident. Below, you'll find a guide to some things you should be sure to check during a pallet rack inspection in order to guarantee the safe work environment you deserve.

Level Racks

The first step in securing your pallet racks begins at their installation. Guaranteeing that an industrial pallet rack is fully plumb and level can be a difficult task requiring meticulous measurements, but overtime, an askew rack can build up stress and danger.

Without having full support of the floor and the walls, your pallet rack is likely to take on additional stress that can risk the structural integrity of the frame. Make sure that your racks are absolutely level, or you may face a sudden failure that was difficult to anticipate.

Rust and Corrosion

Metal pallet racks are designed to take the stress that's associated with a busy warehouse, but they're also just as susceptible to metal fatigue as any other component. In fact, both near the floor and near the ceiling, higher moisture content may cause metal damage that's difficult to detect.

Make sure that you regularly check your metal pallet racks for any sign of rust or corrosion. Even small rust spots that are outwardly visible can be hiding larger spots just beneath the surface, and the structural weakening that comes with rust can be a major concern for your warehouse.

Bent Uprights

Pallets are generally moved by forklift, and maneuvering your forklift near enough to a rack to seize a pallet can be a difficult task. Over time, you may see a series of gentle bumps and collisions that don't appear to damage your pallet rack, but they may in fact cause small bends that substantially weaken the rack. Any time a forklift makes contact with your pallet rack, no matter how gentle, make sure you take the time to guarantee that no structural damage has occurred. 

For more information and maintenance tips about your pallet rack, contact a supply company, such as Certified Handling Systems.

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