An Introduction to Home Roofing

How Periodic Electrical Testing Can Save Your Life (And Your Wallet)

You may think of home electrical testing as an extravagance, but it's actually an important part of home maintenance in many cases. Here's a guide to the importance of home electrical testing. 

Benefits of Electrical Testing

Getting your home's electrical wiring tested is key for several reasons. First of all, it allows you to make sure that all of your outlets are grounded so that you can avoid unnecessary shocks, short circuits, and appliance damage. Testing for closed electrical circuits is also an important part of ensuring efficiency and safety in your home. Electrical testing is especially important after a major storm, when downed storm lines can lead to critical levels of high voltage near your electrical wiring. Each of these risks is best to fix right away to avoid health hazards and extensive damage to your wiring. And the best part is that you can often do some simple tests at home without the help of your electrician. 

Home Electrical Testing

A few home electrical testings tools come highly recommended by many electricians. The first thing to look at is getting a circuit tester that can test voltage at your electrical outlets and make sure the wiring is grounded properly. Be sure that you read the safety manuals on these tools carefully to avoid shock hazards; they may have specific indications for use (such as placing the tool near an outlet without directly touching it, to avoid a shock hazard). 

Problem Monitoring

It's also a great idea to monitor any problems that you have with your electrical wiring. For instance, keep track of the number of times your circuit breaker is activated. You might notice problems with one specific circuit being tripped repeatedly. That could mean that you have a faulty wire, which could be a big fire hazard. 

The Electrician's Role in Electrical Testing

Aside from doing simple home tests and electrical repair on your own, you should also enlist the help of an electrician for the best results. Many electricians offer yearly checkups where they will inspect your home's wiring and potentially do electrical repair. They may look for physical damage to the wires, test voltage, and check specific electrical apparatuses such as your thermostat or your furnace's pilot light. You may want to schedule these lists on a regular yearly basis, but call the electrical repair team ahead of time if you notice any issues during your personal electrical testing process. 

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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