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3 Tips For Preparing For Excavating Next To Your Home's Foundation For A Room Addition

If you are preparing to add a room to your house, you may also need to extend your home's foundation, which would involve having the area next to the existing structure excavated. To prepare for this part of the construction process, use the tips below.

Inspect The Foundation Carefully

Before the first bit of ground is dug up near your foundation, inspect it carefully for any signs of cracking or crumbling. Because the dirt will have to be scraped away from the foundation to fully excavate the area, you want to make sure that the structure is fully intact.

If you find any damaged areas, you may want to speak with the contractor performing the excavation and point out the problem spots. They can then either repair the damage or take precautions before digging to ensure that no further damage is done. 

Locate And Mark Any Underground Electrical Or Gas Lines

After inspecting your foundation, locate any underground electrical or gas lines. These need to be clearly marked before excavation begins to give the contractor and workers a heads up about areas that need to be handled carefully.

To find the underground lines, you can call your local utility company. You may also want to ask if a permit is needed, especially if a main gas line is located near your home. If you are unsure of which number you should call for your area, you can dial 811 to be directed to the right organization for your locality.

Once you know where the lines are located, you can either mark each one with a wooden stick, or you can show your contractor directly, depending on their preferences. They may have their own special marking method that they use for their projects.

Cut Down Or Move Any Vegetation In The Area

After the area has been marked off for the excavation, take a look at the vegetation going around the foundation of your home. Then, decide what you want to keep and what you would like to save. If there are any bushes or trees you don't want, you can cut them down for better visibility of the foundation. However, if you have some shrubs or flowers you want to save, you should transplant them to another place in your yard before excavation begins.

The above tips should help you prepare for having the dirt under your new room addition excavated. For more information, contact Gerard Excavation LLC or a similar company.

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