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Two Exterior Waterproofing Methods That Can Fix Your Wet Basement

A wet basement is a real nuisance. It can even be a health hazard when it stays so damp that mildew and mold begin to grow. Even if your basement has been dry for years, changing weather patterns, fluctuations in the water table, and even landscaping done by your or your neighbors can cause you to have a chronic problem now that needs to be fixed. A contractor has two options for drying out your basement permanently. One is to put in an interior drainage system and the other is to use an exterior waterproofing method. Here are a couple of exterior methods that will keep your basement dry.

Install A French Drain

A French drain captures water in the soil before it can leak into your basement. The water then flows through the drain and out into the street where it won't harm your home. To put in a French drain, the contractor digs a trench alongside your house. The trench is deeper than your foundation so water reaches it before it can contact the foundation. The pipe put in the trench has slots or holes in it so water can drip inside. The trench is lined with landscaping fabric to keep weeds out of the pipe and gravel is placed on top of it to provide good drainage. Once the pipe is all set, it is covered with soil and grass so it is invisible while it works to protect your home.

Apply A Waterproof Barrier

The contractor may decide to apply a waterproof barrier at the same time he or she installs a French drain since the walls of your foundation will be exposed already. In some cases, the contractor may choose to only apply the barrier or only install a French drain. If a barrier is chosen, the walls of your foundation must be exposed so a waterproof coating can be sprayed on them. When the coating dries, it forms a seamless layer of waterproof protection that keeps water from coming through the soil and seeping through the concrete walls of your basement.

With the walls coated and a drain installed, there should be no way that water can get inside your basement through the walls or the floor. Although it is a disruptive process to dig up your yard for exterior waterproofing methods, it is worth the trouble and expense when you get a dry basement in return. You'll not only have extra space you can use for working on your hobby or watching TV, but you'll also get rid of musty odors that always seem to linger when you have a damp basement. 

To learn more, click here for info about your waterproofing options.

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