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3 Tips To Prevent Apartment Fire Sprinklers From Going Off At The Wrong Time

Having fire sprinklers in your apartment complex is a good way to protect both your investment and your tenants, and it can help you ensure that your building is in compliance with local codes and regulations as well. However, you could be concerned about the potential of your fire sprinklers going off when they shouldn't, which can cause a huge disruption and a lot of costly water damage. Luckily, following these tips can help you prevent this from happening.

1. Ban Smoking in the Apartment Complex

For one thing, you should know that banning your tenants from smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products in your apartment building can be a good idea for a few reasons. For one thing, it can help prevent fires, and it can also prevent the smoke from the cigarettes from causing the fire sprinklers to turn on when they shouldn't. Plus, you might find that there is a lot less property damage for you to worry about when you don't have to stress over dealing with cigarette burns in the carpet or nicotine stains on the walls.

2. Have Sprinklers Inspected Regularly

Even if your fire sprinklers have not been used and seem to be in good shape, it's still wise to have them inspected on a yearly basis or as suggested by a fire sprinkler installation company. This will give you a chance to make sure that your fire sprinklers are working as they should be and that you can rely on them in the event of a fire. Plus, it can help you ensure that there isn't something wrong with them that can cause them to go off unexpectedly.

3. Watch Heat Sources

You probably do not want the heating system in your apartment complex to cause your fire sprinklers to go off randomly, but this can happen if you aren't careful. If you happen to have a new heating system put in or if the heating system is changed in any way, such as if the vents are moved, then you may need to make adjustments to your sprinkler system to account for this, Otherwise, the heat from the heating system could blow on the fire sprinkler sensors and cause them to go off.

Even though you might hope that your fire sprinklers will go off in the event of a fire, you probably do not want them to go off any other time. To protect your apartment complex, consider these tips to prevent this from happening. You can also visit websites like

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