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Radiant Floor Heating Myths Dispelled For Your Comfort Zone

Cold floors, especially cold wood floors, are not something anyone likes to put their feet on in the morning. Warmed floors would feel so nice, but you are worried about a lot of things regarding radiant floor heating. Most of what you have heard is utter myth. To put you back in your own comfort zone, here are those myths dispelled.

The Radiant Coils Will Burn Your House Down

This may have been true of the very first radiant coils used decades ago, but technology and engineering have made it possible to advance and transform today's modern heating coils. Now, the coils are safely encased in a thermal plastic that prevents the coils from heating too quickly or becoming too hot. More than one temperature setting exists for the coils you will have, thus allowing you to control how warm your floors are.

You Cannot Leave the Coils on All the Time

Not surprisingly, this myth goes hand in hand with the myth that radiant flooring will burn your house down. Many people turn the radiant flooring on in late fall or early winter, heat the floors to the temperature they desire, and leave them on just as you would leave your home's thermostat on and set to a desired temperature. Of course, if the floors feel a little too warm on your feet, it may be time to turn the flooring off for a bit and let things cool down.

It Takes Too Long to Heat up the Floors

When radiant heat was first sold, people wanted it in the bathrooms so that when they stepped out of the shower with bare feet, they would not step onto a cold tile or cold linoleum floor. If you were accustomed to taking a fifteen- or twenty-minute shower, then the floor was just about ready when you got out of the shower. Now, radiant floor heating takes so little time to heat up that the floor is ready before you even get into the shower. That is just an example of how quickly floors warm up, and wood floors tend to warm even faster.

You Should Not Put Radiant Heat under Carpeting

Well, if you want to put radiant heating under carpeting, you could. Warming your carpet from underneath might feel really good on bare feet. However, since the main purpose of carpeting is to keep floors warm, the radiant flooring underneath would be overkill.

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An Introduction to Home Roofing

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