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3 Disadvantages Of Using An Undersized Boiler In Your Factory

When the boiler that is used to power the equipment in your factory was first purchased, it might have been the perfect size for your company's use. Now that your company might have grown and expanded, however, there is a chance that the original boiler that you purchased just isn't big enough anymore. It can be easy to ignore the fact that the boiler that is being used in your factory is undersized, particularly if it seems to be working just fine. However, an undersized boiler can cause a lot of problems. These are a few of the disadvantages of using an undersized boiler in your factory. 

1. It's Not as Efficient

For one thing, you should remember that the efficiency of your boiler is key. If it's not able to operate efficiently, then this could lead to a lot of wasted resources within your business over the course of a year. If your boiler is undersized for what you are using it for in your factory, then it probably has to work much harder in order to keep up with the extra workload. This can cause it to use much more fuel than what would normally be necessary. You could find that there are actually cost savings that go along with replacing an undersized boiler with one that is the appropriate size and that might run more efficiently.

2. It Could Break Down More Often

Another thing that you should think about when running an undersized boiler is the fact that it might break down more often. As mentioned above, an undersized boiler has to work much harder than one that is appropriately sized. Along with using more energy, an undersized boiler might also burn out more quickly, leading to more frequent repairs and even a complete breakdown.

3. It May Not Power All of Your Equipment

Lastly, you should think about the fact that an undersized boiler might not power all of your equipment. You might find that you aren't able to keep all of your equipment up and running without replacing your boiler, or you might not be able to operate your equipment at maximum capacity. By investing in a larger boiler, you can both help ensure that all of your current equipment can be operated and can help ensure that you are prepared for any new equipment that you might have to install in your factory as operations might increase and grow.

For more information, contact your local boiler installation service. 

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